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Newborn boho session with baby Rio Lexington Ky family photographer

To all of your soon to be mamas and mamas that are carrying a baby during this chaotic time, this is for you!

I have chosen you for this, I have chosen you to become a mother at this exact moment in time on purpose. Because in the midst of fear and uncertainty, I know you will choose to trust ME. And I know you will trust ME enough to walk into hospital to be a light in the midst of so much fear and pain. Through you, I'm bringing new life into the world in the midst of sorrow. You and your little one will represent hope and joy in the midst of chaos and confusion. I've chosen you to carry the light, MY light, into the most trying of circumstances to show those around you whose spirits are weak that there is good still existing and there IS reason to celebrate and to hope and I'm STILL on the throne. You will be my voice at a time when people are tempted to look around them and lose sight of MY goodness. So, no My love, I'm not just "letting" this happen, you have been handpicked for this exact moment in history to shine for ME together.

We can do this. Let's shine his light.

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